Our Vespoke History and Story

While practicing as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), it came to Paul Deagle’s attention that several of his clients were receiving investment advice that overlooked the pertinent details of their individual tax situations. As a result of these recommendations, his clients were paying additional taxes that could have been avoided had the advisors consulted with a tax professional.

Each year, a multitude of transactions occur in an investment portfolio. These range from gains and losses on the sales of assets, interest and dividends payments and even possible Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). Individually, the tax ramifications of these transactions can be complex, and when compounded with the intricacies of a financial plan, the long-term tax consequences can be staggering. Paul was confident he was best suited to serve his client’s needs surrounding these complexities.

Vespoke was founded with the goal of providing a suite of holistic, tax-smart wealth management services to individuals and their families. Our process begins by helping our clients clearly define and prioritize their financial goals. The investment strategies that we develop are designed to minimize the tax impact surrounding our recommendations.

It’s this comprehensive knowledge of tax law, gained through years of experience servicing clients, that truly sets Vespoke apart.