Wealth Management - Investment Strategy
Rochester & Mt. Morris, NY

Do your financial objectives include the preservation of capital, income generation, wealth accumulation, tax-efficiencies, or a combination of these? We realize that your personal & financial circumstances are unique. That is why we begin with an extensive DISCOVERY process that focuses on your investment goals, resources, situation, and constraints. It’s this attention to detail that allows us to create custom investment solutions that address a wide range of financial needs.

We partner with you to develop the most appropriate financial strategy
given your situation.

Our investment process has been developed based on modern portfolio theory and industry best practices. We believe a written, well-defined Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that captures your investment objectives and constraints is imperative to obtain favorable investment results, manage expectations and hold all parties accountable. The major components of our IPS include:
  • Liquidity
  • Time horizon
  • Income tax concerns
  • Legal & regulatory factors
After creating your personalized investment strategy, we continue to monitor your portfolio and keep you abreast of ongoing refinements. An annual meeting allows us to update your plan for any changes that have occurred, including updates to your objectives.